Who are we?

We're the team you've wished you had on call. Bright. Experienced. Swift. We get it.

Now, we are "on call" - sorta.

We're multi-disciplinary technologists with big brand pasts currently booking eight day projects to fund our digital startups. You know the project to bring us. It's the one that needs a proof of concept to rapidly learn from. The one that could use a swift kick in-order to get to the next stage.

Eight days of intensive work is just the right amount of time to prove out ideas, learn new ones and set a project on a trajectory worth being on. We should know. We've done it.

So, what project do you want to build? Inquire. Let's build things… fast.

Our available dates

  • Dec7-16
  • Feb15-24
  • Apr4-13
  • May16-25
  • Jul11-20
  • Aug22-31
  • Oct15-26
  • Dec3-14
Be concise. It has to fit on a cocktail sized napkin.

The team

  • joseph rueter
  • nate kadlac
  • aaron kardell
  • neil berget

The Projects

Deals.by rifr rifr rifr